The unspoken truths of sexual harassment at the workplace

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Most of the people that have to deal with sexual harassment have some difficulties to recognize it in the beginning because they believe that it has to imply sex in order to call it this way. That is why they deal with embarrassing situations that affect them considerably at their workplaces without having the courage to say anything. However, you need to be informed about all that it means in order to be able to recognize such a situation and stop it in case it ever happens to you because it is extremely unpleasant and can considerably damage your mental health and self-confidence.

Asking for sexual favors

Being asked by your superior for sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or a raise is definitely something that should make you realize that you are dealing with sexual harassment. There is no doubt that you immediately have to explain to the harasser that this is a behavior that needs to stop if he or she does not want you to have to take legal measures against it.

Sexist behavior

Sexist jokes are another sign of sexual harassment that is meant to make you feel small and weak. If any of your co-workers or superiors are making sexist jokes or comments that make you feel like you are not suitable for the work they are doing just because of your sex, you need to understand that things can easily go from some small jokes that intimidate youinto real sexual harassment that is going to be incredibly uncomfortable and more difficult to stop.

Inappropriate touching

This is a sign that many people fail to see as sexual harassment. If someone is touching you inappropriately and you do not feel comfortable with it, it needs to stop. Period! The harasser will probably claim that most of the touches are “by mistake” or in a friendly way so that this will make you think that you are just overreacting and there is actually nothing wrong with them. However, you should never hide the fact that it is incredibly uncomfortable for you and that this type of touches should stop.

Receiving suggestive emails, letters or notes

Sending emails, letters or notes that have a suggestive message with sexual comments or explicit content and pornography is another aspect of sexual harassment that can take place in a work environment. If you ever receive one of these from one of your co-workers you need to understand that you are dealing with sexual harassment.

What are your solutions?

Click here on employment attorney newark nj for more details, if you ever encounter such a situation you need to ask for help from someone that knows all the legal procedures because you need to understand that there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed to talk with the others about your situation. Also, you can try to discuss the HR department in your company so that they know about the situation and take the right measures so that no one else from your workplace will be the victim of the harasser.

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