Temporary Vs. Permanent Building: Which Is The Best?

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Both permanent and temporary structures have unique qualities that separate them from one another, yet the line that divides their purpose is thin. As such, deciding which edifice is the best can be demanding as both of their functions almost overlap.

When it comes to deciding which space to get, the answer is mostly dependent on the buyer’s or renter’s necessities. And although the building’s advantageous features can help, it will not be enough if it won’t meet certain factors and demands.

Which Structure is the Best?

Numerous aspects require careful consideration before selecting the right building that will suit the business’ demands. Answering those aspects will aid to gauge which one fits the current situation and needs as well.

To better understand, here are a few questions to ask beforehand.

What Will it be Used For?

The answer to “What is the Purpose?” must be the first thing to consider when deciding which edifice is best to opt. It will provide a concrete idea to what type of space is better for the business’ demands.

For instance, if it is for events that will last only for a short period such as weddings, birthdays, bazaars, or company gatherings, temporary spaces fit well. They are excellent and budget-friendly alternatives as well for, say, a startup company. However, if it is for an established company which needs a new office or planning to branch out, then a permanent building is the right option.

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How Long Will it be Used?

Another aspect that needs evaluation is the time in which the edifice will be used.  It is essential as it will give a clear intention to why this kind of building is better than the other. As what was mentioned, temporary structures like tents, gazebos, sheds, etc. are perfect for a shorter period of use.

Strictly, these short-term edifices can be utilized for twenty-eight days or less. But, say the purpose is for commercial purposes, then they can last for two to seven years. On the other hand, a permanent space is designed for a more extended period of use and can last to ten years or more.

What is the Required Construction Time?

Knowing the required number of hours to set up the building is crucial when it comes to deciding which structure will fit the situation’s demand. Events like weddings, birthdays, and company gatherings are usually urgent and require only a short period to prepare.

That said, a temporary building, which only needs five to fifteen days to set up depending on the size and design, is an excellent choice. There are also temporary building rental services that offer quick installation through the help of their professional installers. Permanent buildings, on the one hand, takes two to six months to make. Hence, the number of hours needed to prepare the space is an important aspect when it comes to decision making.


To say that temporary structures are better than permanent spaces is merely an opinion. Both have exceptional qualities and advantages that will indeed help the buyer or the renter on whatever he needs it for. However, choosing which building is the best is tough. So before making a decision, make sure to get answers and consider the aspects mentioned above to avoid regrets.

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