Steps Involved in Designing Promotional Shirts

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Promotional shirts used to be popular before all other types of advertising became a huge deal. Despite the presence of social media and television as popular advertising platforms, a lot of companies still use promotional shirts. If you run a small business, and you intend to increase your business’ popularity, giving out such shirts is a good idea.

You allow people to see the name of your company through using the shirts. You create walking ads out of the people wearing the shirt. Recipients will also feel like you care enough that you are giving them free shirts.

The key is to have a shirt that helps promote your brand. Make sure that you focus on the shirt design to ensure success in this advertising campaign.

Brainstorm with your employees


The final design needs to come from the ideas of people working with you. They know your business too, and they might share your vision. If you think of the design alone, it might not be enough to reflect what the company stands for. Your employees understand the message, and they might have amazing ideas worth trying.

Look for a graphic designer


If you have someone who can deal with graphic design among your employees, you should use the skills of this person in creating the plan. However, if you don’t have one, and you want quality designs, look for a graphic designer who can create a professional-looking design. The final output will represent your brand, and you want it to look fantastic.

Decide on the crucial details


Included in the essential information of the t-shirt design are the colour of the shirt, font size, font style, images, and other elements that can boost your brand. You need them to ensure that you can easily promote your company. Be careful in your decision since all of them have meanings, and you can either attract people’s attention or push them away.

Ask for help with proofreading


You can’t print the final design after finishing it. You need to double check the details. You might be using photos that have watermarks. You might also have spelling errors. It is possible that these small mistakes will confuse people, or turn them off. If you can’t get the printing design right, they might think worse of the products you are selling. You can ask your employees to help check the final design too or allow them to vote if you have different designs available.

Ask for the initial printing


The design when you see it on the computer might look great, but on the shirt, it might be different. Therefore, you need to request an initial printing to see if it is how you envisioned the shirts to be. If you are happy, you can move for final printing.

Find the right garment t-shirt printing company that can quickly print the designs on your shirt, and deliver as scheduled. While preparing the design, you can start looking around for options and negotiate the cost depending on the number of shirts you intend to distribute.

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