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Published On October 12, 2018 | By Gerald Rush | Business

The realization of spectacular and complex exhibition stands is the natural environment of our experts, where they can put to work all their knowledge and experience.

Architecture for highlights of your brand. With a good partner in charge of the construction of your stand at an exhibition, the creativity of your designer will know no limits. A good partner likes the demanding, the extravagant and the complex. TGP take care that your participation in the exhibition is up to your brand and they carry out the most spectacular ideas with a deep sense of quality and profitability.

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Construction of an exhibition on one or several plants

One, two or three floors? If the available surface is not enough, there is no problem creating another one. Take advantage of the presentation surface for your brand with exhibition buildings on two or more floors. TGP consult the options directly with the organization of the fair or exhibition. And for you they also carry out what seems impossible; for the next presentation of the fair, the own internal fair or the participation in a world exhibition. As partners in the creative process and construction, they also fulfill your wishes for the operation and support you in the development of the concepts, in the call for service specifications, in the selection of suppliers, in the logistics and planning of the deadlines, in the management and supervision of the project, in the training and documentation, as well as in the attendance of the stand and the event.

The staging of the products and the brands have a lasting and emotional effect when they are planned with precision down to the last detail and are carried out with quality. tgp.ae designers are the best experts. They achieve the right atmosphere with lighting installations, use audio/video and multimedia materials in a way that creates exciting effects and uses screens and graphics to perfection. Trust the competence as unique service providers. They leave you available for other tasks and carry out the complete solution for your brand project according to your wishes and ideas. However, you can also entrust them with a partial service provision. In this case, they coordinate their work with the other companies and provide fluid planning of the phases.


Awaken curiosity, immerse yourself in a subject, experiment, discover, live. The thematic and experience worlds fascinate with a new and different way of proceeding, as well as with its stenographic sophistication. For this, the works of the exhibition must be very flexible and multifaceted. The project team also needs to be able to think beyond its limits.

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