Marketer’s Guide To Top SEO Practices in 2019

Published On December 5, 2018 | By Gerald Rush | Business

Search Engine Optimisation has been contributing an enormous amount of success in every business’ marketing plan. However, search engine algorithms are relentlessly shifting. Whether it is due to Google’s desire to further enhance the online platform’s algorithm or to deliver high-quality contents on SERPS, one thing remains clear: there are always fresh and innovative ideas to apply SEO.

Now that 2018 is about to end, it is the time again: new and revolutionary SEO practices are about to emerge. It has been the talk among marketers and SEO specialists these days.

What are the Best SEO Applications in 2019?

Google is about to implement a few alterations yet has massive effects in digital marketing particularly in SEO. For marketers and entrepreneurs who always want to prepare ahead, here are the top practices that are predicted to dominate the world of online marketing this coming 2019.

Content Clustering

As odd as it sounds, this technique is perhaps the most recent and innovative idea for Search Engine Optimisation. Content Clustering or Topic Cluster is a method in which websites are structured through clustered information. Simply put, a page will have one pillar which will act as the main hubs of information. And then each subtopic’s page is linked through it.

The primary purpose for its creation is to elevate the level of user experience. Analysts found that users prefer to know how each page are associated with one another at first glance. However, most sites are not yet using this structure. And if not implemented immediately, it can affect the site since Google, and other search engines are already changing their algorithms.

Voice Search

With Alexa, Google Home, and Alexa’s popularisation, voice-based searches are growing swiftly in number. A report conducted by Google said that voice search takes 20 per cent of the overall mobile phone queries. As such, it is not surprising if, in 2019, it will play a vital job in SEO.

For a head start, here are a few tips & tricks to dominate this area:

  • Prioritise long-form (over 2, 300 words) and informational content.
  • Optimise and align contents with the kind of inquiries made through voice searches.
  • Use long-tail keywords that are phrased with how a user will speak when inquiring
  • Speed up the page’s loading time

Elevate the Role of User Experience

Whether it is 2018 or 2019, the user experience will always be every search engine’s priority. Hence, no matter what year it is, a low user experience score will negatively affect a web page’s ranking. On the one hand, to improve this aspect, marketers need to have a profound knowledge about user/consumer behaviour.

Here are a few points to remember to improve a brand’s user experience:

  • Offer informative and compelling, yet simple content
  • Cut off unnecessary pages in the site
  • Look for fresh and exciting topics your target audience will love to read
  • Fix the website’s content in an intuitive and structured hierarchy
  • Incorporating videos to provide quick info

SEO Is Always Relevant

Search Engine Optimization has been contributing a massive amount of assistance in marketers, especially entrepreneurs. And no matter the year, SEO will always be relevant in the field of digital marketing. Hence, inquiring in an SEO Company in Perth to aid you in your digital needs is worth a try.

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