Importance of online invoicing for small business owners

Published On July 31, 2018 | By James Stokes | Business

Invoicing is the act of generating a bill and then sending it via e-mail to a customer. The method of printing a bill to have the backup of a transaction is not the only one used anymore.  Online invoices are trending now because of convenience and the urge to have a tangible paper backup for every transaction or service that providers and sellers make with their clients.

You need to generate a bill for every client you have. Invoices are necessary not just for a vendor or a service provider but also for the Internal Revenue Service.

Digital Invoicing is something very common nowadays. Sometimes it printed thanks to paper availability, and sometimes it isn’t because the only printer in the store got busted, and on other occasions, it is because the checkout of the service provider’s offices is having technical difficulties. They won’t usually resort to solve the problem that is holding back the printing of the bill; it is often better to send the client the invoice via e-mail.

In some business sending an invoice via e-mail is done regardless of the availability of the printer; there are even automated systems that do so.

Sometimes sending a digital invoice is just cheaper. One cannot blame them; this saves money to small business and emerging service providers. Paper is scarce in some countries and is becoming expensive in many countries. Additionally, it is better for the ecosystem to avoid printing a bill if it is not strictly necessary or asked by the client.

Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service of most countries can argue that online invoicing makes even easier to have any transactions’ backup available at all times. So there are no excuses for not having them. It is strictly necessary for a business to avoid being accused of tax fraud, so online invoicing proves to be a nice solution to all the problems and limitations that printed bills used to pose in the past.

So, if you want to keep your business’ taxes in order and avoid possible prosecution, you may as well know how to do proper invoices for your business. It is even probable that some clients have asked you about sending them the invoice instead of printing it.

But, how can entrepreneurs do online invoices? It is not as difficult as some may think. Here we present you some of the most recognizable tools to do online invoicing in the modern world. You may have heard of these before:


With over 5 million people using this tool around the world, there is not an ounce of doubt that this tool has a well-established user base. Freshbooks is very easy to use for anyone. Its interface is very intuitive, and people adapt to it very quickly. This helps support efficiency in payments and bills departments.

In case its users still have doubts on how to use this platform, Freshbooks gives you the opportunity to call a support team with non-stopping helpline. They are ready to assist your business at any time of the day. This support team has even earned online awards for their reliability.


This platform provides a very wide array of features to accommodate different types of business. Small and big ones can benefit from the versatility of this service. Freelancers and bigger entrepreneurs alike can benefit from the many templates that they offer. Then these templates can be translated or converted according to the country and the local economy that you are working with.

This tool is available for free if you have less than three clients, then when you need more, you’ll need to pay


Sighted is a tool that is very easy to use and it offers the convenience of encouraging fast paying from clients. The tools encourage clients to pay as soon as they can. This is one of the problems smaller companies face. If they are not paid on time, their finances suffer. This is a tool to minimize loss and risk.

This tool’s main focus is offering paying methods to integrate financial management and invoicing into just one convenient place. Your clients will pay quick regardless of the method.

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