Excellent Tips on How to Run Prosperous Retail Jewellery Business

Published On October 10, 2016 | By Rosa Morris | Marketing

Women prefer jewellery business because they love those antique pieces. The ones, who start a jewellery business, treat it more as a hobby than an actual business. You need to take your business more seriously and the first step is to look at some of the common mistakes made by the jewellery retailers.

Common Mistakes Made By Retailers:

  • Poor relationships with the suppliers

Minor issues between the supplier and retailer should be minor. These minor issues generally end up with retailer being forced to look for a new supplier three months before Christmas .You can also buy mikimoto pearls offered on different online platforms at affordable prices.

  • Buying items on credit from Supplier

 The credit trap is dangerous and tempting for jewellery retailers. A credit trap generally makes a supplier as your primary supplier not because you want them to be, but because you owe them money. Therefore, all you can do is paying the last month’s bill and placing another one on credit. Your business flounders and stock never changes.

  • Relying on a Single supplier

You should rely on different sellers because if you are purchasing all the sterling silver, fashion jewellery, hair accessories from the same wholesaler then there could be problems if they have started focusing on different styles or went out of business.


You should have the aim to buy different styles of jewellery from different suppliers and some backup suppliers in case of critical items.

  • Purchasing a Cheap Website

Jeweller retailers often know a little about web marketing and web designing. They fail to understand the cost of running the successful website. Quality often comes at a higher price, so if you can’t afford it then do not purchase it.

  • Targeting too many different types of Consumers

You should try to pick a type of consumer and then target only that. If you are targeting everybody, then you will end up pleasing nobody.


Healthy relationships are required everywhere, be it business, job or home. Therefore, start your business with due diligence and lure more and more customers through effective presentation and marketing skills.

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