Five Signs it’s Time to Outsource your Marketing Efforts

Published On March 2, 2018 | By Carol Gilmore | Marketing

Proactive entrepreneurs will always be able to spot the early signs of most problems in their business. It is true that some problems may be asymptomatic and can only be ascertained in retrospect but others can be addressed in real time. Marketing belongs to the latter category. There are many signs indicating something mildly or severely wrong with your marketing strategies or efforts. Here are five of the most important signs that should propel you to consider outsourcing your marketing efforts.

Stagnant Revenue or Clientele

Any business that doesn’t witness an annual growth in revenue needs to review its marketing strategy. Stagnant revenue or clientele will gradually lead to plummeting revenue and subsequently risk profitability. Finally, a business will struggle to remain sustainable. Spot the sign early. It is alright to not have substantial growth from one quarter to another. However, this should not become chronic. At times, more revenue doesn’t necessarily imply growth because the same clientele may be choosing upgrades or may be buying more. This is normal and desirable but your company needs to acquire new clients. There will always be some clients that would choose not to do business with you in due course of time.

You’re always Catching Up

Employees of small to medium enterprises are often drowned in their workload. Most professionals have to multitask and this can be taxing for them. Owners or entrepreneurs of small to medium enterprises are also overwhelmed with multiple roles or job profiles. All such multitasking can be efficient and cost effective, as long as the organization is not in a perpetual state of catching up. If your marketing team is missing deadlines, if you are only focusing on marketing tasks and not strategies, if you are not being able to streamline your entire marketing operation and the challenges are becoming daunting, then you should outsource your marketing.

Exploring a New Market

Most companies across industries will reach a stage when their immediate target market appears to be saturated. One has to explore a new market. This could be a new demographic, region or a combination of various factors. Whether this target market is tested or untested, you will need a marketing professional or agency that is familiar with the audience. It is unlikely that you or your staff would be aware of every target market you may potentially consider.

Exploring a New or Multiple Marketing Mediums

An entrepreneur may be familiar with email marketing, a team may be familiar with text marketing or a business may be faring well on social media. In this day and age, you ought to explore all available marketing mediums. It is necessary for you to consider outsourcing your marketing when you need such a multi-medium campaign or strategy.

Changes Demanding a Complete Overhaul

Most businesses change their company policies, goals and the manner in which they operate in due course of time. These have to be taken into account while working on a marketing strategy. Your marketing staff may not be equipped or may be overworked to facilitate such changes. Outsourcing your marketing will allow experts to devise the perfect strategy for you bearing in mind the changes your company has brought about.

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