Cohesive Collaboration – Build and Maintain Company Culture in a Co-working Space

Published On July 7, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Marketing

The co-working revolution has transformed the American business office. Buildings that once housed floors and floors of traditionally corporate-designed offices are being replaced by trendy co-working spaces that allow professionals to afford the prestigious addresses that define most business centres. Furthermore, the leases for these spaces are almost always drastically less expensive than your standard office lease.

As with everything else in this tech-savvy society, office space solutions have evolved to the point where you can essentially operate an entire office from your home. However, while the co-working office is one of a number of office space solutions, professionals are drawn to this office format for a few reasons. One reason is that the space offers its inhabitants more than a workspace, as its format provides professionals with the cohesiveness that defines company culture.

Continue reading to learn more about how the co-working space can build and maintain company culture within your organisation.

Office Format

The office layout of the co-working space encourages the type of social interaction needed to create a business culture. For one, professionals have the option of sitting at a hot desk or a dedicated desk where there plenty of opportunities to engage with other professionals. While dedicated desks are spaces for those who typically need privacy, the hot desk is usually the hub of a lot of interaction. Servcorp co-working space is a perfect example of the type spaces available today.

Hot-desking places professionals in proximity to each other at workstations where they typically engage with each other. More importantly, these interactions are the contact point for many networking opportunities. Furthermore, because professionals can work with people from a diverse array of industries, they have more chances of connecting with a wide variety of people. This ability to network is integral to shaping the types of relationships they have and their experiences.

Networking And Collaboration

The informal networking that occurs as a part of daily interactions is also added to the formal ones. Many co-working spaces hold formal networking opportunities, which provide start-up owners and other professionals the chance to engage with industry experts and to interact with each other. All of these networking opportunities build the foundation of collaboration.

Collaboration is at the core of the working space for a few reasons. The first reason is that through collaboration your business engages with other professionals, which raises your business’s profile. The second is that these opportunities are a platform for your business to define itself within the small co-working community. Ultimately, collaboration and the networking that leads to it is at the core of creating some of the greatest innovations in business today.

Community Culture

The factor that distinguishes the co-working space from other formats is that many of these spaces are communities that focus on building relationships for the purpose of business. The overriding motto is collaboration over competition, and this is very apparent in the various types of activities designed to help businesses. In fact, many start-ups find co-working spaces more attractive because the whole idea of nurturing and supporting enterprise is firmly ingrained in the co-working imagination.

Much of this cohesiveness is also established in another way. Non-business-related social events are another way that co-working establishes the type of cohesiveness that defines, promotes and established company culture. Movie nights, barbecues and a plethora of other social activities are also a part of an agenda that strives for a community and culture that respects industry but values culture and close relationships.

Establishing Company Culture

With the plethora of industries working in a co-working space, the many social and business events provide a platform for businesses to establish and maintain company culture. The office’s set up provides an environment where professionals can engage with each other naturally. And, when the central principle of a co-working space is founded on supporting enterprise, coupled with the numerous networking and collaboration opportunities, ingenuity and industry thrive in these spaces.

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