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In the current era of modern technology and business solutions, Agile is setting the pace as the best alternative and innovative solution in Project Management. All the other solutions are outdated in the current scenario, making ICP Agile Certified Coach training a necessity. With the ongoing boom in the Engineering sphere and IT industry, the demand for ICP-ACC trained pros has augmented enormously. ICP-ACC training has been seen as a much-needed addition to job profiles in recent job searches.

About The Course

ICP Agile Certified Coach training focuses primarily on the roles, mindset and responsibilities of an Agile coach. The online training includes learning about the differences between facilitating, mentoring, teaching, consulting and coaching, and in turn, understanding the skills necessary to create a meaningful and safe environment for conflict resolution within the team. A key portion of the certification includes the understanding of the development of professional Agile coaching skillset and the values that these skills hone an Agile team.

As an Agile mentor, you can serve in facilitating Agile practices and thinking, while empowering your team to establish their goals. Through this certification, you will be trained to focus on fostering a new culture in order to usher in a positive change by re-organising and redefining the work paradigm to showcase an agile attitude. We at KnowledgeHut provide a unique collaborating of these values to promote the participant to experience both, the ‘being’ and the ‘doing’ of an Agile coach. The focus is on the stimulation of real-life practical scenarios while equipping you with the right transitional tools and skill set to address challenges in an easier manner.

Learning On The Go                                             

KnowledgeHut offers online ICP-ACC training to improve and develop the Agile mindset along with the coach’s roles and responsibilities.

  • Through this course you will learn about mentoring the various Agile roles
  • Understand the team dynamics while coaching your team to be more motivated and self-aware.
  • ICP Agile Certified Coach training lets you handle dysfunctions and conflicts within your team in a more constructive manner.
  • The training helps with improving collaboration and team building while mentoring the practices being followed.
  • You will be adept at handling resistance from the team members and individuals while ensuring you build a high-performance team.
  • Ideally, by the end of ICP-ACC training at KnowledgeHut, you will have a strong understanding of the pillars of organisational agility, and help create a personal coaching improvement backlog.

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The Benefits Of The Course

  • ReceiveICP-ACC training from seasoned Agile coaches, who can help impart years of experience in the classroom.
  • Other than receiving a completion certificate at the end of the training, you will be able to download your courseware for future reference and mainly, receive an ICP-ACC credential.
  • The certification provides access and assistance in the form of future regularised meet-ups and/or individual coaching sessions with Agile experts.
  • Through this coaching you will learn more about yourself and the behaviours that you need to model in front of your team. It helps you build a team, which is ready to admit mistakes, eliminate hurdles, reinforce shared concepts and values, and constantly adapt.
  • As an ICP=ACC coach, you will learn on how to assist geographically distributed teams with creating working agreements.
  • Effective coaching conversations, self-organisation and conflict management are the other key benefits.

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