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Published On August 5, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Business

Letterheads are the most essential items in office stationery as official correspondence has to be sent only in customized letterhead formats. So even a letterhead serves to promote your company’s image and brand. This is why it is very important to design letterhead formats both strikingly and creatively. Let us look at some of the best examples of beautiful letterhead design. These letterhead formats have some special feature which makes them stand out among others. Take a look.

  1. Simple and stunning

Some companies believe in minimalistic design. Simple, they say, stands out. Take a look at this beautiful designed in just 1 or 2 accent colours. This gives a distinctive and dignified look to the letterhead format making it stand out.

  1. Bold and brassy

This letterhead is one which shouts out loud. Its bold embellished look with brass embossing gives it a vintage and regal look which none can miss. Give it an edge to edge or bleed to bleed printing of the metallic typeface to give that bold touch.

  1. Tell it with the typeface


What can make your letterhead format truly unique is its artistic typeface? Design a different typeface for your brand logo and company name. One look at this fantastic font should make the viewer recall your company and your brand.

  1. Images make it interesting


Print your letterhead with interesting visual imagery which conveys your company philosophy or brand image. This adventurous design can be truly artistic and be appealing with the right play of colours. Use reverse printing or contrast-colouring for special effects.

  1. Rope in the reverse too

Why waste the back side of the letterhead which is rarely used? Give it a unique printed texture for that distinctive difference. None will waste even a single sheet of your letterhead after this.

  1. Enlarge for elegance


Take your brand logo and use one element of it in an enlarged manner as the background of your letterhead. What results is a dramatic design of your letterhead in fine form?

  1. Bring on the badge

Are you a distinguished member of some organization like the Rotary? Emboss its badge or crest on your letterhead to bring on the big effect.

  1. Sign on for that special look

Do you want your letterhead to be extremely personalized? Then use your signature to give that special “own” look. Be it business or personal stationery, your signature printing will make it truly distinguishing.

  1. A watermark can make it worthwhile


Do you want to make your letterhead design subtly different? A watermark will do the deed. Emboss the watermark of your logo on all your letterheads to make them subtle and superior.

  1. The colour makes the call

The colour you choose for your letterhead can be a decisive factor in its design. Move away from classic white or off-white and go for subtle accent colours that enhance the appeal of your letterhead designs.

  1. Congruent and classic

Perhaps the best design of all for your letterhead is this. Take your logo and print one portion of it on your business card and the remaining on your letterhead at one corner. Putting the two together integrates and gives you the best brand design. This type of branding serves a dual purpose as it serves to create recall twice and reinforces your company’s identity.

If you carefully observe, each of the above examples of best letterhead formats has a unique design element. This element can be superbly enhanced only by digital printing specialist who has expertise and experience in this field. Choose the right print specialist, upload your design online and print your letterheads with a difference.

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