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Published On July 26, 2018 | By James Stokes | Business

Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand or a more permanent move, one thing you will certainly have to consider if you want to drive on the roads is car insurance. You can see more about Car Insurance in Thailand here: ประกันรถยนต์ – then select the English option for the website for more details.

As you might expect, just like in most other countries, having car insurance in Thailand is a legal requirement. Go out on the road without any and get caught and you will be looking at trouble in a legal sense.

The bare minimum in terms of car insurance that you should be getting to be able to legally drive on the roads is that of CMI (Compulsory Motor Insurance). This will not cover any damage to your car and will instead cover you for any third-party damage or injury.

CMI is a government issued car insurance that can be obtained directly from the Department of Land Transport Office in Thailand. For better protection, however, you will be able to avail of additional car insurance from private insurance companies in the country. They will generally offer three types of car insurance:

  • Class 1 Insurance:- This is fully comprehensive car insurance that will cover any damage to the vehicle, the life and injury of the driver and will also cover costs associated with any injuries incurred by passengers as well 3rd-party damages and liabilities.
  • Class 2 Insurance:- This covers any damage received by any vehicles that have been involved in an accident and is otherwise called ‘collision insurance’
  • Class 3 Insurance:- This will only cover any costs related to the life and injury of the driver and passengers of any vehicle involved in an accident.

Getting Insurance for a Foreign Car

If you are travelling into Thailand using a foreign car, you should definitely first check whether your insurance policy covers this. If it doesn’t, you will be able to find insurance companies close to any border crossings that will be able to provide you with insurance.

You will not be able to get any fully comprehensive insurance but they will be able to offer you Class 3 insurance.

Be Wary of Insurance Brokers

While finding your own car insurance in Thailand might seem a little difficult if you do not speak the Thai language, you should definitely be wary of any insurance brokers that claim they will do it for you. There are many unlicensed brokers in Thailand so you should either ask to see their license or just find your car yourself from Carsite

Many used car insurance firms in Thailand will be able to provide English speakers for you to talk to or you can simply try and get your insurance done online at reputable firms.

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