What Is Idea Management and How to Automate The Process?

Published On November 17, 2016 | By Susan Golding | Business

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Idea management is actually a systematic process of receiving ideas from people to be able to improve their business. The ideas that contribute towards the growth of a business usually come either from employees or from the customers. It is the duty of the organizations to receive those ideas and implement the same towards the growth of their business. However, idea management is not only about receiving ideas. It is a complete process of receiving, prioritizing, and acting on great ideas.

Key Points in Receiving the Ideas from Employees in Traditional Ways:

There are many companies that still use a letterbox to collect ideas from their employees and customers. Sometimes, they take the papers they collect from the letter boxes and sort them in order to prioritize the best ideas. However, there are many different issues that come with this old letterbox process to collect and prioritize ideas. This is a manual process and takes a lot of time.

Use of Modern Idea Management Tool to Receive Ideas:

Nevertheless, there are many companies nowadays that use an automated idea management tool to collect and store ideas. This software can store bunch of ideas. As a business owner, you collect ideas seamlessly from your employees and let them follow the process of the idea by using smart idea management software. When using this idea management software towards growth of the company, some organizations use several functionalities of the software, having customers and employees adding ideas and then let everyone provide their choice for the best ideas to see which ideas are most popular to implement.

Managing and Implementing Ideas:

The main issue with the traditional letterbox idea management system is that it becomes very difficult for the organizations to implement the ideas towards the overall growth of the company if they don’t have the right strategy and structure. Actually, managing and implementing ideas in the right way is not always easy since people have to consider the psychology around keeping people inspired even though their ideas are not taken into account.

However, with modern idea management software, one can very easily collect and prioritize ideas and at the same time take necessary steps to not make employees dissatisfied at work. This type of software is built with unique features to collect ideas and define which scope the idea should be within. As a result, it will be easier for the company owner or manager to clarify the scope by defining the boundaries.

Proper Storing and Execution of Ideas:

This idea management software can help companies to store ideas properly and execute them whenever required. With the help of this software, the ideas can be easily handed in by a specific date and idea management group is assigned to go through the ideas and recommend the best ones to decision makers. The most important thing is to bring all ideas into good idea management software to make sure that all ideas are stored for future opportunities. This is cost-effective and more result oriented idea management solution.a

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