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Published On August 12, 2017 | By Gerald Rush | Business

Technology advances constantly. It is very useful most especially when it comes to business since you can find any information through the use of internet. Most people use search engines such as Google and you can find that everything is already available and most of the time, the information provided there is accurate and updated.

Although, there are certain places wherein frequently used websites are not available to the public since they are blocked. In places like China, though there are now ways to open these websites and internet consumption is increasing, companies still have to find a way to make the people there want to use the internet for business purposes.

Most businesses nowadays prefer to also have their pages and information online. This is because through the internet, you can actually reach a much bigger audience because more people have become accustomed to checking things online. The internet penetration is continuously increasing and even most social media sites are being used for business advertisements.

And most people have their social media accounts so they can use that to view advertisements and it is easier to catch their attention. Companies should really make an effort to understand their market since most people who use social media are the younger generation and so they should think of ways that their potential customers will consider looking at their advertisements and actually have interest on what they have to offer.

Though the internet is a very efficient tool for businesses, it is very hard to establish trust with your connections online. Purchasing things online may actually be very risky since you do not really know the people behind these businesses personally. But since it is easy to reach people through the use of internet, you can establish trust by communicating with your customers and also providing them an opportunity to write feedbacks about your products and services. This is helpful especially for businesses who are not very popular yet since the customers are not yet well aware of what these companies can offer.

News spread easily most especially online and on social media since a lot of people can see the posts and they can just share and repost them and if their accounts are public, literally anyone can just view their profiles and she what they have shared. So it is important that all the details a company will be posting on their pages or their websites should be really accurate because everyone will see it. In countries like China, since the people who use the internet are fast growing and they are not yet really dependent on what is going on online, it is important that for those who can access certain blocked websites will see correct details about the businesses. Otherwise, they will get confused.

For example, the news about the Rape of Nanking was posted online a long time ago, but someone tried to deny it and that denial news was also posted online, so if you try to search that issue, then two different stories will appear, one saying it did happen and the other saying otherwise.

This will create a stir in people’s minds and will not know which one is actually accurate. And since the resources in China for social media are still quite limited since websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are still blocked until today, companies have to make sure that they provide the most accurate details since that can help with communicating with the people and that will make them trust the company more.

There is no doubt that the internet is a very powerful tool especially when it comes to reaching out to your market. Companies should just be careful about what they are posting about themselves and should always think of new ways to communicate with their customers.

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