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Published On January 14, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Business

Nobody knows who you really are on the Internet until you tell them, which means you can be anybody or anything you want to be online. Your social media presence doesn’t just define who you are; it defines how you interact with others. Using social media can help you present your offerings to the public, and it also helps you build relationships with your current customers while attracting new ones.

The Top 25 Builders

There aren’t really any secrets as to how the top builders run their campaigns. Everything is out in the open, including how many likes and followers each company has. Since we know who they are, we can see what they’re doing right and maybe figure out if we’re doing anything wrong. The Builder 100 chooses the biggest builders based on closings, because there isn’t much point in getting someone’s attention if the person loses interest and decides to build with someone else.

In 2015, Builder made a list ranking the biggest builders. The biggest lender, Lennar, was way ahead of the next person in the line, with over 740,000 Facebook likes and over 265,000 Twitter followers. The next biggest builder was Habitat for Humanity, with 385,000 Facebook likes and over 82,000 Twitter followers. It says a lot that Lennar could be so far ahead, especially when Habitat for Humanity also has other ways of making its online presence known. The smallest builder in the list, NeighborWorks America, still had almost 6,000 Facebook followers.

In 2018, Lennar had managed to expand its presence dramatically. The numbers rose to almost 1.3 million Facebook likes and over a quarter of a million Twitter followers. Instagram is a major player now too, and David Weekley Homes was pushing towards 200,000 Instagram followers.

What The Biggest Builders Do Differently

Production builders aren’t just using social media more, they’re being smart about it.  Here are some tips that the big builders use to build their online presence and get that communication going:

  1. Choose your platforms wisely — Make sure you are active on the most popular platforms, and tailor your profile based on the media.
  2. Cross promote across platforms — Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, your ads, your blogs, and whatever else you’re using. If you can, act as a guest on someone else’s site (not a competitor). For instance, you could do a guest blog, which would help both of you.
  3. Speaking of which, blog — Blogging lets people know what you’re up to, and even increases your position in a Google search. Plus it’s personal.
  4. Content marketing — This may seem complicated at first, but you can have your content distributed more widely, either for free or by paying for the service.
  5. YouTube — This gets its own section because there may be more resistance here. But people are used to video, and you can get a lot of attention with the right video.

Don’t Look Like You’re Stuck in the Past

No one likes to feel like the last one to the party. When it comes to home builder marketing, you can still catch up and make your presence felt.

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