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Published On October 22, 2016 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business

Herolocity is a start-up in the internet landscape, aiming to aid small businesses by creating a more unique and influential web presence that competes with its rivals. Herolocity provides more than 100+ automation apps under a single platform to facilitate website developers, business owners and conventional website owners with their stunning services. The comprehensive automation system they offer shows great potential to replace numerous other business apps. They don’t charge their users on a monthly or per user basis.

The CEO and Founder of Herolocity, Robert Nikic, has been under the limelight for quite some time now and is currently enjoying a series of nationwide online reviews for initiating this incredible start-up. Several websites and a large number of start-up and tech blogs have been interviewing him to know why Herolocity is one of the best automation systems out there in the market.

Nikic reveals the strength of Herolocitylies in its dedication to continuously innovate their services for helping their business customers’ interests. The start-up has successfully grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs, SMEs and business owners who are looking to find meaningful ways of creating a solid web presence without the technical hassle.


The company intends to put an end to installing several applications to automate tasks separately by devising an inclusive strategy to automate and stream the entire efforts of today’s business owner. This naturally makes the modern entrepreneur’s life much easier, who wants to focus more on his core business and less on the technicalities involved in establishing a web presence.

Herolocityis all about business automation and revolutionizing the way a business owner gets his work done every day. Cutting costs, amplifying revenues and practicing consistency in their business model are only a few things their products guarantee. It can go even beyond that, depending on the nature of each business and how it functions. The company offers the following major functionalities to transform everyday tasks of a business:


Website365 takes a business to new heights by transforming its sales methods, daily operations and marketing efforts by creating a web existence that focuses on its core customers. It is a professional website design and marketing productthat is developed for converting visitors into customers by using apps and features from the 365 platform to help automating the conversion process. Business owners can work on their website beyond expectations as a 365 transformation revives it with a modern design with greater functionality.


For any website owner, Automate365 links all aspects of his business with his website by using the 100+ website apps offered by the platform. All orders, appointments, calling systems, invoicing and everything else that needs your attention, is taken care of by Automate365. This is likely to become a business owner’s next business operating system to derive revenue as it is completely free.


Agency365 transforms a website design into a fully functional website in less than a minute. They can extend Herolocity’s platform to their clients under their own brand name.The 365 platform transforms a pixel perfect design into a fully functional web portal. For all large sized agencies or even standalone designers, Herolocity’sPSD to HTML web development platform provides an economical and competitive solution to execute a successful development cycle. A glitch-free design is developed into a fully WC3 compliant website without shortcuts or compromises on quality and user experience.

According to Robert Nikic, the CEO of Herolocity, there are thousands of web-based business applications available in the market. However, offering them as a whole under one single platform is rarely seen. Not only does Herolocityoffer a collection of robust automation apps, the web apps work with each other and offer foolproof solutions to handle seemingly difficult processes. This is where Herolocityhas garnered massive traction in the global marketplace as a promising start-up.

The company has its headquarters in Florida and has a global workforce of 26 highly skilled professionals who are striving hard to revolutionize the future of business automation. Creating a welcoming culture for helping business owners deploy the automation platform, Herolocity reviewshave been mentioned in the Huffington Post, Forbes and Tech Cocktail, and several other media outlets.

The company claims to have helped over 25,000 businesses boost productivity, increase revenue, cut costs, and preserve a consistent business model.The platform replaces human labor and has shown to increase sales of businesses by an average 29%after switching from their existing provider.The company’s vision and focus is centered on empowering businesses hailing from the entire world to become more successful and self-sufficient. Automating trivial and important tasks while cutting costs for increasing productivity is the company’s ultimate priority.

Currently, Herolocity is a rising star in the automation industry packed with extraordinary web apps to help businesses.  Although Herolocity has a competitive advantage over reputable brands, launching a start-up company can be fairly challenging. Herolocity is privately funded and has currently turned down acquisition offers. Is it the right move or not? Only time will tell.

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