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Published On October 26, 2016 | By Rosa Morris | Featured

It’s never been more important to have a Grade A marketing team that’s expert in both digital and traditional strategies, innovative, and versatile. These are the teams that will differentiate your company in a world where the competition to get your message across is fierce and traditional and online advertising space is saturated. Your team starts with recruitment, which can either lay the foundations for your success or sow the seeds for future stumbles if you don’t take the time to recruit experts in their field who will fit your organizational culture.

Hiring is never an act of precision, and sometimes you bring in the wrong person, despite your goal to fill positions with the best possible candidates you can attract. There are some tips you can use to attract candidates beyond compensation, including more flexibility, better benefits, and plenty of opportunities for growth. However, sometimes hiring managers make a mistake, and you’re left with a bad hire, but often the issue has less to do with the candidates than with your own process.3

Bringing in marketing headhunters is a good way to start redesigning your process so that you can start landing the people who are going to make your company excel. If you have a recurring problem getting the right people, you’re probably committing at least one of these three errors in your process.

Laziness Your organization cannot afford a lack luster recruitment campaign, which is why you should work with recruiters in Toronto with years of experience and connections to plenty of talented people in the industry. Toronto is the marketing capital of Canada and there are large talent pools here, but also plenty of companies to work for and plenty of bad hires. A headhunter doesn’t just help you screen your candidate pool, they also draw in the right candidates to the position. They’re not just about filling the position, they’re about building relationships with both employees and employers by acting as matchmakers. Stop relying on generic online job postings and dozen-step application processes and start targeting the right people.

Uncertainty A recruitment firm like IQ Partners will begin your work together by first identifying what kind of candidate you’re actually looking for, answering questions like “What are the qualities you value?” and “What kinds of experience do you prioritize?” The first step toward finding the right person to fill a role is knowing exactly what the role is going to entail and what kind of skills are needed to fulfill your demands.

No Follow Up Every time you engage in a recruitment campaign, understand that you’re building relationships with everyone you interview. Always follow up with those you didn’t hire, especially your top contenders, in order to maintain the good will of competitive candidates, because you just don’t know when you will have another position to fill. Recruiters like Toronto’s IQ Partners can help you maintain good relationships even with those you don’t wind up hiring – even the hiring strategy is part of your brand reputation, and a false move could keep true talent away from you when you need it most. Enlist the help of a great marketing headhunter the next time you’re thinking about rebuilding your team.

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