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Published On May 17, 2018 | By James Stokes | Business

A landing page is a very vital part of online marketing. It is also known as ‘lander’, ‘destination page’ or ‘lead capture page’. This is that single page where you land at when you click on the result returned from your search. These pages are designed to ensure lead generation. What you do on this page becomes the determining factor for the rate of conversion for the advertisers. Since it is one webpage, thus direct and concise headlines are used to make a better and long-lasting impact. Offer is explained clearly with no fluffs and if there is a real potential customer, it works right away. Read on to know more about landing pages.

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Types and Process

There are two types of landing pages used for the marketing campaign.

    1. Reference Landing Pages– This type of landing pages contain information that a visitor may feel interested in. This information can be in form of images, texts, relevant links and similar elements crucial to media. Its mission is to offer the clients some reference information. Thus, you may find landing pages with product or services summary. How successful the reference landing pages are, depends upon the amount of revenue they generate from the advertisements.

  • Transactional Landing Pages- Transactional landing pages are more active than the reference ones. They persuade the potential clients to transact in order to complete an action. A small online form is provided to the visitors which has to be filled up. This is done to get the email address of the visitors so that they can be added to their mailing list. These contacts are then used for direct marketing.  This is a part of email campaign which is developed from here on the basis of the responses gathered from these landing pages.

Marketing campaign landing pages make one of the finest online tools to promote your products or services. It is comparatively easier to create these pages. And once the initial investment is done, they attract the potential customers. The efficacy parameter of these pages is the number of clicks on the advertisements that would lead the traffic to the landing pages. If used strategically, these pages can return high benefits for you. For example, showcase benefits of your product and services in minimal texts and images, make use of social media to get feedback from the potential customers by using embedded comments that would be linked with other franchises of social media and so on. Social media has emerged as a wonderful supplement to the marketing tools and helps you reach a wider base of clientele in the least possible time and means.


At a time when handheld devices have taken over, there are websites that have completely refused to update themselves in accordance with the requirements to be compatible with these devices. There could be a number of reasons behind it- financial, logistical, resources and so on. Landing pages can be their messiah. The heavy websites take time to open in tablets and phones and potential clients may lose interest while waiting. A completely responsive and interactive marketing campaign landing page makes sure that visitors convert their visits even from these handheld devices. Of course, this is not a permanent solution, but while something works out, these pages can be a savior interim workaround.

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