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Published On July 14, 2017 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business

A sign of a good business is that it has good signs. It is easy to assume that the internet has simply done away with the traditional methods of advertising. Not so fast, it hasn’t. There is still a fair bit of profit and popularity for a business to gain from the simpler ways. One oldie in particular that has aged well is the stick-on sign. Here are some helpful tips on how some really good stick-on signs can help boost your business even more.

Be Creative

Rule number one in designing a good sign is that it must be an eye catcher. It has to be something new and authentic just like your business. So play around and experiment with anything about the sign and see what you come up with. If people have not seen it before, they are bound to show a little curiosity. Evidence of a creative sign is evidence of a creative enterprise.


Depending on the content, your sign could prefer a particular building material to go with it. A fair bit also rests on where you intend to place your sign and what audience you are hoping to attract. You can always turn to professional help if working it out yourself is a bit much. If for instance you are running a business in Melbourne and you have a squadron of vehicles you’d like to advertise on, car signage Melbourne has a wealth of agencies for you to consider.

Words, Words, Words…

Words matter, literally. With stick-on signs, they bear the core substance of what you are trying to say. Be creative and choose your words carefully. They can be phrased in ways that will make you more desirable and friendly to your audience. Be sure to keep things simple and catchy and people will most certainly pay attention.

Styling and Fonts

These have a great bearing on the overall impression of the sign. Chances are, random people do not walk out on the street strictly for the purpose of reading signs. They probably have other plans so styling your sign and choosing a clear font for your words are crucial for making it that much more visible. Also you can manipulate these elements to be a reflection of your business itself.


Perhaps the simplest element of the sign for you to consider. However, it is also one of the most important. Colours have an amazing influence on how people may respond to your sign. This is because different colours tend to evoke different emotions from viewers. For instance, selections of black or white could indicate simplicity or serenity while reds could be romantic and animated. Purple could be prestigious and creative and pink could be supple and surreal. Based on how you want your audience to respond, you can pick and choose a colour that stimulates you in a similar way.

Where to Stick It

In the case of signs as in real estate, it’s location, location, location. Once you’ve come up with a nice design by which to impress viewers, you want to make sure your business can be seen by as many people as possible. You can either work the environment to suit the sign or work the sign to suit the environment to maximize your chances of being noticed.

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