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Published On March 18, 2019 | By Gerald Rush | Business

Many candidates may be interested in doing an internship in Australia because the country offers amazing opportunities to candidates. Moreover, after an internship is completed successfully, a candidate can also expect to receive many lucrative job offers. That is also a reason why a large number of emigrant students get attracted to the island nation. However, for pursuing an internship program in Australia, it is essential to get a visa for the country according to PGP Australia.

Thankfully, there are a lot of visa options for an interested internship candidate and one can be chosen amongst the many that are available. Depending upon suitability and preference, a visa can be selected for enrolling in an internship program. Hence, we list here the available visa options that can be helpful for a candidate.

  • 408 Temporary Activity Visa – This type of visa is endorsed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and is suitable for people between the ages of 18 and 30. This visa can be availed for an internship in Australia by current students as well as those candidates who have graduated within a year. With this visa option, short duration of English language studies is also provided before starting an internship program so that a foreign student can be well-versed in the language. It is always recommendable for a foreign intern desirous of an internship in Australia to select a deft consultancy firm for procuring the visa.
  • 417 Working Holiday Visa In certain aspects, this type of visa is similar to the earlier one in that a person within the age group of 18 to 30 years is eligible for it. However, this visa, as the name suggests, is designed for those foreigners who plan to spend their holiday in the country while at the same time providing them with opportunities of internship in Australia for incidental employment. It can be a good way of supplementing travel-related funds. This visa allows a person to stay in Australia for up to a year from the first entry irrespective of whether the person stays in the country throughout the whole period. Citizens of about 19 countries, including the UK, Belgium, etc. can do an internship on this visa for a maximum period of six months.
  • 407 Training Visa – The 407 training visa is designed to help foreign pupils undergo a well-devised internship in Australia under the watchful eyes of a supervisor at a workplace. Although an internship obtained through this visa may be temporary, necessary documentation is needed for the same. However, to procure this type of visa, proof of enough functional English may have to be furnished by a candidate apart from a confirmation regarding occupational health and safety standards.
  • Student Visa – A student visa can help in completing an internship in Australia for a maximum period of 20 hours per week in a semester or as a full-time course at the time of a scheduled holiday. It can also be obtained as full-time after completing graduation. However, an internship meant for Academic requirement can be completed during a course itself. Anyway, for completing an internship, a work right will have to be arranged with the student visa.

Apart from all the different types of internship visas mentioned above, there are a lot more. However, full-time internship programs are desirable and should be chosen by a foreign candidate so that the Australian workplace can be better understood and the objectives can be realized.

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