Job Vacancies in Manchester: How To Write Your CV

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Your CV is obviously an important document as it will highlight your entire career, so you have to make it count. When you’re searching for job vacancies in Manchester, you must provide this professional description of your education, work experience, and skill. This professional summary will give you an advantage over dozens of applicants like yourself.

To ensure that your CV is excellent, you need to follow some strict rules.

First, you must include all your personal details which would be followed up by a personal statement. This statement will tell your prospective employer what you hope to achieve. It should contain your strengths, skills, and required job.

The next step would be your work experience. It is advisable to only list work experience which is relevant to the particular job being applied for. Doing so will position you as the strongest candidate on the list.Image result for Searching for Job Vacancies

Your education should follow, list out your qualifications from the highest qualification to the lowest. For your references, do not include any names or details unless specifically asked to do so. Always ask for permission to pass the referee’s details to an employer.

Tools to use in CV building

Microsoft Word is basically the best platform for building your CV. It offers numerous templates to use, it safer, however, to build yours from scratch. Some employer websites offer CV building services as well- you simply input your data, and it will generate a good CV.

The presentation of the CV also matters. As a great candidate, bad formatting may affect your chances of getting a job. Like any other writing, CVs also require headings and short and concise paragraphs. Do not cover over two pages of the CV and avoid borders, images, colours, and cartoon fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Comic Sans or Tahoma. The font size should be 10 or 11.

For your hunt for vacancies in Manchester use impeccable grammar and spelling; a small typing error can affect your chances. Proofread every sentence and give it to a third party to read as well.

Tips to enhance your search for jobs in Manchester

For candidates who may be embarking on a job search in Manchester, these tips will prove helpful to them when crafting or rearranging their CVs;

• Tailor the CV to specific jobs. Even though a “one size fits all” method certainly saves a lot of time, if you are applying to various positions each with its specialty, changing the contents just a bit to include both key phrases and keywords from the job description enable you to point out what you have that fits in what the prospective employer requires.

• Stay current. Irrespective of whether you are keenly hunting for employment or not, someone may know someone who knows another person who needs someone like you! So don’t forget to state any noteworthy events in your career according to the time they occurred, so you do not forget something that could be significant.

• Avoid gaps. Any employment gap can raise suspicions, even when the reasons for the gap is completely legitimate. Have you been away from work? Spin it positively so that it will favour you. Were you taking some classes or volunteering? Or were you increasing your soft skills with project management and teamwork? Do not be shy! Share the experience.

• Capitalize on your experience. Integrating strong, and positive language such as “developed,” “achieved” or “organised,” that connects your skills and experience to what the job requires – even if it’s a restaurant position and you are seeking a position in banking.

• Tell the truth. Exaggerating might be tempting, but being insincere on your CV kicks open up a scary can of worms you do not need, particularly when prospective employers check your background and references. Just say no and stick to the simple truth.

• Looks count. Image is everything, so take some time to plan your eye-appealing layout that is organized and also easy to follow. Make use of a combo paragraph or bullet format for the job descriptions. Don’t yield to Charles Dickens, a man who was paid by writing verbose sentences. Here, simplicity is key as well as white space.

• Cater to the Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems look out for industry buzzwords and keywords, so research the words that are commonly used in the jobs with titles you seek. The SEO-friendly words assist those ATS search engines so they can pull your CV from the huge pile.

A job search in Manchester shouldn’t be too hectic if you have a well-crafted and professional CV.

Who receives the CV?

After you submit your CV, it can be received by either a hiring manager or line manager. However, it can vary depending on each company and their method of recruitment. Typically, it may stop at the hiring manager and the line manager, but this may extend to other parties. Also, if you’re using a recruitment agency, there’s a chance that the CV won’t get close to the company as candidates are usually shortlisted for these roles, so the agencies only pick the ones considered to be fit.

Regardless of who will or will not be taking a look at your application, it should be made in the best possible way, especially because CVs are stored and circulated for use in the future.

Where to find vacancies in Manchester

Job vacancies in Manchester can be found on various recruitment sites such as JobTome. The site features jobs in Manchester and in other cities for interested candidates.

You can find all the available jobs in Manchester here:

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