It’s Not Perfect But It’s Worth it — Larissa Castelluber Recounts growing up in an Entrepreneur World

Published On October 19, 2016 | By Susan Golding | Business

In a brief interview with Mrs. Larissa Castelluber she mentions the majority of the reason she is as successful today is due to the fact that she started at such a young age. Larissa is the president and founder of Design Moves LLC, a hybrid marketing firm based in south florida. They have worked with international publications, governments, and nominated one of the best amongst their industry.

Now Larissa, please tell us about this journey and your thought process right out of college starting this business.

“For me it was the only plan I had for the future, nothing else really had any purpose for me to go to work everyday.”

What seemed like such a growing point in anyone’s life, it was a matter of being understood and held accountable towards much greater things.

“No one in my circle would really understand why I would work such long hours and why it mattered so much. This business was a way for me to contribute to this world as well as to free myself from such cookie cutter positions that were being sought out after college”

The motivation she came across were at when she was able to help many interns and family members get bigger and better jobs from starting off at her company.

“At that time we looked great from the outside but were very much so new to the big leagues and how the industry really operated.”

What advice would you give to newcomers starting out in their desired fields?

“That’s a very general question, however I would  tell them to keep going regardless of the circumstance and to condition yourself to stay humble. You may think you have solved it all but in reality, there are so many phases in business even till this day that I encounter that I never had in all my years in business. There is always a learning process when it comes to growth, all you have to really do is make an effort to adapt and stay true to the reason why you started in the first place. I’ve had such a privilege to have personable conversations with such great icons in different industries and travel to many countries because of my passion. All is possible if you truly keep at it.“

I would like to thank Larissa for taking the time to sit down with me and have such a positive chat.  Best wishes, and looking forward to hearing about your future endeavours.

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