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Protecting yourself and your family against unexpected health emergencies is the primary concern of every individual. The high rate of Medical inflation annually (at around 15%) in India further necessitates having a health insurance policy as the cost of healthcare services are estimated to double every few years.

The Best Health Insurance plans help lower the risk of being burdened by the incredible expenses for preventive care or medical bills as a result of a sudden illness or an accident.

What are the expenses covered by the Health Insurance Plans?

There are a variety of health insurance plans one can choose from based on the budget and the levels of coverage depending on the individual needs. Among the main expenses covered by the health insurance plans are-

  1. a) Emergency hospital stay and ambulance services cost
  2. b) Prescription drugs required to treat a chronic/serious health condition
  3. c) Emergency medical needs of any kind
  4. d) Medical equipment cost to assist with the individual’s mobility
  5. e) Any kind of urgent care services and physical therapy cost

Some of the essentials to keep in mind while choosing health insurance service provider include-

  • Availability of experienced specialists across the functions to give the best advice in underwriting, claims, and risk management.
  • Commitment to effectively delivering personalized solutions such as best personal health insurance plans, plans for parents, expecting mothers, self-employed people, insurance plans for college students, and much more.
  • Covers comprehensive health insurance for hospital accident protection, accidental medical expense, and other limited-benefit programs to help the customers manage the extremely high cost of medical treatment related to fatal accidents.

Quick and Easy to Keep a Tab on Monthly Check-Ups

There are several advantages of choosing the best health insurance plans such as-

1. Free Monthly Check-ups

Various health insurance plans offer the advantage of monthly check-ups allowing the policyholder to keep a close tab on health. It is an easy way to ensure that you’re making the appropriate choices for personal well-being and physical health of your aging parents.

2. No additional charges for medical tests

Due to lack of awareness and low health insurance penetration in India, there is a lot of existing misconceptions such as monthly check-ups will escalate the rate of premium, etc. Additionally, not many people know the procedure of availing the benefit of free medical check-ups.

Some of the points to keep in mind regarding medical tests/monthly check-ups are-

-Free monthly checks, as a part of health insurance plans, have no impact on the insurance policy

-These are solely used for underwriting purpose by the insurance service provider in case the customer wants to increase the sum insured during policy renewal.

How to Avail Medical Check-Up Benefit Under Health Insurance Plan

Below are the steps to get the benefit of a free medical check-up from your health insurance service provider

-Contact the company and inquire about the network hospitals

-Make sure to check the cost of particular tests and how much will be reimbursed by the insurance company

-Read the policy document carefully to know the list of medical tests covered under the policy and other important details

Best Treatment with Amazing Hospital

Choosing the right health insurance plans offer the advantage of availing the best possible treatment with amazing hospitals. Insurance service providers generally have a tie-up with a large number of network hospitals to offer excellent treatment and medical care to the policyholders for a wide range of diseases.

There are several other advantages one can get with the robust network of hospitals under the health insurance plans. Some of them are listed below-

  1. a) The Benefit of Cashless Treatment: The best health insurance policy allows you to avail cashless treatment at any of the best network hospitals. The policyholder just needs to complete the documentation and all the medical bills will then be covered by the insurance company.
  2. b) Allied Benefits: Other than preventive check-ups and best diagnostic treatment at selected hospitals, the insured can get several other benefits such as-

-Free health consultation with health specialists

-Various offers on healthcare services at partner hospitals

-Critical illness covers for life-threatening diseases

Last Thoughts

Choosing your health insurance service provider requires a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. It is recommended to avail the services of health insurance companies that deliver customised solutions for individual medical needs.

If you’re looking for the best health insurance plans available in the market, allows you to access a wide range of customised plans for self, family, parents, children, etc. from multiple insurance service providers to make an informed choice.

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