Guides for Responsible Investing with Bitcoin Without losing money

Published On May 13, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Responsible investing and investing tips are two terms that don’t relate in terms of productivity. However, there are significant ways on how you can buy bitcoin and you end up benefiting from its price without losing money. But you have to a long-term investor who is willing and comfortable to hold bitcoin for an extended period of time.

 As much you will be able to hold Bitcoin, the more you will reduce risky chances of losing your investment. Below are other essential tips you can use to safeguard your money as you are using Bitcoin:

Ensure your main investment is secured by buying a bond

The government can borrow money from an investor through a bond on a particular period of time. In return, the government will pay back the investor an original principal including the interest on top.

A bond allows the government to borrow money from you for a certain set amount of time. In return, you’re paid back the original principal, plus interest.

Putting the remnant amount into bitcoins

For instance, let’s put $1,200 that is not invested in bond to something that can recognize bitcoin.  It can be done by purchasing some bitcoin. When a current bitcoin increase up to 100%, you can make $2,400 which is 24% in return. In case bitcoin become worthless, you will be refunded your initial investment.

Obtain extra Bitcoin Participation

With a call, alternative enables to provide stock market on upside participation which is very compelling. Here are overviews of several methods of participation on investing tips including various trade-offs with each method:

Buy call choices on bitcoins

Since March 2018 there was no an easy way to perform this on United State based.

Always be to admit some loss

If you ready to accept a portfolio loss of 10% you will be able to purchase sufficient bond so that will you be guaranteed to achieve 90% of the original savings rather than a full 100%. Hence, you will have good chance to achieve extra money to invest in bitcoin so that you participate even more.

Increase the period of your investment

If you will be able to a portfolio for over 5 years like, let’s say 10 years, you can even use less sum of money to invest on bond to ensure that you will never lose your primary investment. It will even enable you to purchase bitcoin and continue to participate more and more.


The investment has been hair rising for most people. For instance, there some people taking the mortgage to purchase bitcoin. Most people think that it is a reckless investment. It is an approach that can only be possible in particular circumstances. Firstly, you have to admit less rather than a full participation in upside bitcoin, in return for a guarantee that you will not lose money.

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