Great Safety Tips for Working at Heights

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Do you work at heights daily or you just do that once in a while? It doesn’t matter, your safety should come first during those times. No matter how long you have been in a routine work, it takes just a little mistake to turn into a catastrophe. Falls are unexpected; even the perfect worker can make a costly mistake. This is why you should encourage safety precautions for your employees to avoid deadly falls. Consider the tips below if your workers work at heights.

#1: Use Rails

Encourage the use of rails, when they can. Rails will surely keep your workers safe. But if they happen to work outside rails, get job site carpenters to build some for your workers. There are different types of rails some permanently affixed but be sure to provide rails that will suit your worker’s needs. This is one of the easiest protection systems to promote amongst your workers.

#2: Select the Proper PPE

If you are opting for the use of a Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS), see to it that you have chosen the appropriate gear, one that meets all required standards. Make sure the harness in use is very safe to use and is also comfortable, it doesn’t matter how costly it is, just make sure you do your findings first and conclude on what you really need.

#3: Inspect Your PPE

It’s common for employees to use equipment and gear as they like when you are not always checking up on them and inspecting these pieces of equipment, it will be great to always inspect them before usage because they could fail when you least expect. An experienced person needs to check the lanyards and harness prior to every use. The inspection needs to be taken seriously and shouldn’t take much time. It is paramount they do this, as it could save a life at any time.

#4: Use Ladders Properly

Don’t just conclude you know everything, sometimes you just have to be optimistic about certain things, ladders are responsible for a lot of incidents in a lot of industrial workplaces because workers generally take its use for granted. Ladders can be dangerous when used wrongly. Be sure the ladders are placed properly before utilizing its use for whatever you want to do and make sure your employee has the technical know-how on how to use this tool, if not have them undergo proper training. Nouvelle Hauteur fall protection training provides one of the best training to help your workers protect themselves against work accidents and falls. So you can walk up to such companies for help.

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