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Published On June 16, 2017 | By James Stokes | Business

Financial services are typically consumer centric. The enterprises involved in financial services areas are therefore required to understand the necessities of their customers, study their project types in details prior to structuring their financial strategies. This needs due consideration of cost factors, risk management, liquidity factors and outcomes. High profile financial managers like Dessa Bokides work in conjunction with their customers in order to design financial products that can cater the specific requirement of the customer. At present, the distinguished persona is operating as the chief financial manager of DFC Global, which is acknowledged as one of the largest consumer financial service providers in the world.

The major global player boasts of having over 10 million customers of varied levels and has been operating through its 1,300+ customer service locations spread over Finland, UK, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Poland and other countries. The company is specializing in a series of non-standard financial products for its valued consumers spread globally. In her role, Dessa Bokides operates with a team of highly proficient market analysts, financial officers, wealth management executives to offer the finest level of financial product solution to customers.

According to the high profile financial management personality that newer technologies are now being employed by enterprises to bring forth most innovative, output oriented, consumer friendly financial services specific to serve their needs. She strongly believes that in the high competitive global business environment, brand image is extremely crucial. Similar to all other industries, financial enterprises specializing in different financial products and services should have vast brand image that helps earn customer confidence and faith. When it comes to financial industry, gaining that footprint as well as recognition is important to become thriving in the industry.

With a dream in mind to join the vast financial industry, she pursued her MBA degree with specialization in Finance from the renowned Columbia Business School and got her degree with brilliant result. She holds her graduation from Colorado College. Prior to joining DFC Global., Dessa has served a series of globally famed enterprises including global banks, educational institutes and other in key positions. To name a few among them are

  • Chief Financial Officer of Alta Colleges
  • COO and CFO, Galileo Global Education
  • Global Treasurer- Co-Chairman of Ally Bank
  • Vice President, Finance and Treasurer for Pitney Bowes
  • MD, Deutsche Bank
  • VP and Head, Commitment Products of Goldman Sachs

If you’re a business entrepreneur, professional or individual and in quest of a dependable financial expert to advice you in connection with your proposed financial plan, investment matter or lending issues, contacting Dessa Bokides is an ideal choice. Backed by her decades’ experience in financial management, wealth management, capital market, corporate finance and non-standard financial products, she is expert to offer finest solutions to her clients. Her services are most sought-after to numerous clients ranging from corporate business houses to individual investors. In this context, it must be mentioned that she has high level of expertise in strategic planning concerning financial matters and investment industry.

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