How to get started with a vlog

Published On July 30, 2017 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business

Vlogs have become a new trend as people tend to respond more to visual stimuli. So captivating your audience and for them to put a face to a name creates a sense of familiarity making it more popular than reading an article from a ghost somewhere. Some key elements in getting started with include:

A good camera

High quality images and pictures are more compelling than unclear hard to make out images. People value the quality of videos you post and spending some good cash on a good camera is worth it. By buying a vlogging camera with high definition video and audio quality you’re one step ahead in the vlogging game. Doing research on the types of camera with high resolution prior buying is important.

Creating a youtube channel

Youtube is the most popular platform in terms of vlogging. By simply creating a channel you already establish a platform to post your videos. Sign up using a good catchy name to lure your views. Don’t over think the whole thing, take it one step at a time. You could decide to specialize on a particular subject or be it general but important thing is to have evergreen content. Having a unique focus makes it easy to engage your audience and increase familiarity. Your views become more receptive if you come across as an expert in that subject.

Edit your vlog

Just like blogging, the same way you need to highlight, use bullets etc. To point out important factors, you need to edit your videos. By doing so, you play around with the visualize aspects of the video and point things out on your screen. If it’s a step by step guide, you can say for example step 1: do this and that, step 2: change this or stop that. This way the views are able to follow through the guidelines.

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