How Digital Strategies Have Revolutionised Businesses in Sydney

Published On July 25, 2017 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business


Digital agencies are companies that provide creative, strategic and technical development of screen based products and services. These agencies assist clients, who are typically corporations and government organizations to engage with specific target markets. It takes a great skill to leverage important mediums and processes to successfully grow a brand through the digital landscape. Sydney metropolis is a major global economic and cultural hub with many digital agencies.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs)

A search engine optimization is an attempt to improve search engine rankings. SEO agencies utilizes optimization techniques to increase traffic or the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining high ranking placements in the search results page of the engine. The relevance of the search results can further be boosted by implementing organic rankings. To help the established as well as new businesses in Australia, many agencies concentrating on search optimization have established their businesses at the Sydney metropolis.

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Additionally, other agencies have involved themselves with pay per click (PPC) also known as cost per click which is an internet advertising model for boosting website traffic through clicking of paid adverts.

Digital Agencies Offerings – Changing Business Landscape

Most digital agencies offer the following services or set of services with slight variations between agencies

  • Development of digital strategies

It is vital for organizations to understand how to interact with the digital world to drive growth. They need to know how to leverage the plethora of the digital channels at their disposal to boost growth. Digital agencies have helped firms in Australia to define business goals through requirement analysis and business case development, set customer goals through user insights research and development, analysis of online content and structure and user journey and interaction mapping. In Australia, Digital Garden has helped clients such as Investa & Australian Veterinary Association to develop their digital strategies & best approaches to online customer experience

  • Web Design & Development

In as much as research, analysis and business objective drive much of the content, the visual aesthetics of that content is critical. Crafting versatile responsive interfaces creates an optimal user experience while easily integrating with social, mobile, CRM, email marketing and a host of other digital interactions according to business demands and content strategy evolution. Furthermore, publishing content without having to outsource for additional skill has been facilitated by Content Management Systems like WordPress. Adrenalin media has served leading brands like Volkswagen Group Australia.

Customers desire a seamless and intuitive digital experience. Coming up with a versatile and appealing UX design irrespective of the device or platform requires simplicity. Digital agencies conducts extensive user tests to define a client’s needs and then craft those requirements using UX design tools to realize the idea. Zero specializes in UI/UX design with notable clients like Kmart Tyre and Auto Service.

  • Mobile

With the advent of smartphone technology, most users now primarily use such hand held devices for digital interaction. It goes without saying therefore that digital agencies are continuously crafting brands to deliver experiences tailored to all devices. Digital Garden handles mobile app design with notable clients like Harris Partners.

  • Digital marketing

This aspect focuses on being found and indexed b search bots, the engaging users with relevant & compelling content. Digital agencies are accomplishing this through SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Automation and CRM and via social media. Depend operates from Sydney with prominent clients like Virgin Active. 

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