How to Create Better Tweets for your Business

Published On December 15, 2017 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business

Social media might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in the business world, you have to be where your customers and clients are. If they spend their time on Twitter then you need to have a presence that casts your business in the very best light.

To bring you the best business Twitter tips, we have picked the brains of James Williams, a marketing manager with the payday loans provider Wonga. In an industry that has not already received the most positive press, it’s more important than ever to interact with the public in the right way. Here’s what he had to say…

  • Go easy on self-promotion

Businesses that don’t really know what they’re doing on Twitter tend to assume it’s just another way to spread the word about the company’s products and services. While Twitter can be used for promotional purposes, this should only be done sparingly. Twitter is an excellent way to engage, interact and build relationships with prospective and existing customers. A constant stream of brand messages will only alienate your audience.

  • Be concise

You might think that a 140 character limit gives you no option but to keep it brief. However, research has shown that the optimum length of a tweet is actually just 71-100 characters, while a six character hashtag enjoys the best engagement rates. The art of concision in your writing is one that will take practice, but making your tweets short and punchy will deliver the best results.

  • Get the whole team involved

Typically, businesses leave the job of tweeting to the marketing team, but that’s not necessarily always the best approach. Consumers love to see behind the corporate facade of a business and like to know more about the real people working behind the scenes. People are always interested in other people, so tweets from CEOs and other individuals that allow their humour, idiosyncrasies and tone to come across can really make the content standout.

  • Always respond to queries

If you’re going to be active on Twitter then you need to be prepared to answer customer queries quickly. Responding to complaints in a positive, timely and helpful way will boost the way your brand is perceived and build trust with new and existing customers. If you don’t have the resources to respond to customer queries then you’re probably better off not being on Twitter at all.

  • Build relationships with the wider industry

Some businesses use Twitter for outreach purposes to try and leverage the power of leading brands in the industry and ‘piggyback’ on the back of industry authorities. While this approach can pay dividends, it’s essential you take the time to build relationships with industry influencers first. Asking for something for nothing is never likely to generate the most favourable response and the same can be said for Twitter. Simply taking the time to share and retweet a third party’s content and following their accounts will boost the likelihood of receiving a positive response. 

Do you have any business Twitter tips of your own? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  

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