Cost Saving Tips for Your Tradeshow Rentals

Published On June 14, 2017 | By James Stokes | Business

Tradeshows offer great opportunities for businesses to grow their brands, acquire new customers and network with other leading businesses in the industry. However, if you are on a tight budget, then investing in tradeshow exhibitions may be very tricky and you will always look for ways to save a dollar or two. Here are some cost-saving measures you can adopt to contain your tradeshow budget and still manage to make an impact during the event:

It begins with having a budget

Before the thought of shopping for the show’s display crosses your mind, you should first come up with a list of everything you need, but remember that the bulk of your budget will be allocated towards your booth. The items worth considering for budgeting purposes include marketing literature, hotel and travel, your staff, registration fees and any giveaways if you intend to use some. These should give you a rough idea on how much you can expect to spend on the event.

Consider going for quality products

Cheap displays will mean low quality and this will impact on the overall success of the tradeshow event. For instance, in an attempt to save on costs, you may decide to go for cheap booths made in China, but these will be flimsy and unreliable and may breakdown even before the event begins. For such things, it is recommended that you go for quality so that you don’t worry about buying a new set for future displays.

Tradeshow rental for the short

If you don’t intend to be exhibiting for a long time, then you will be better off when you consider tradeshow rental instead of spending your money buying new tradeshow materials. If you take your time to shop around, you may get very good quality booths and all you have to do is brand them and use them for the duration of your exhibition, and then return them, also saving you some storage space.

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