Affordable Office Refurbishment: How to Save Money on Design

Published On February 28, 2017 | By Neva Occhipinti | Business

While redeveloping has become a popular trend within the business community, an overarching theme of conservational and sustainability has become much more prominent in cities that are ahead of the curve. London-based businesses are becoming more and more interested in refurbishing instead of performing a complete overhaul, and this transition has led to some serious improvements in the entire industry. Office refurbishment in London costs much less than the average redeveloping project, and it produces equally impressive results, particularly in terms of maximizing facilities to generate more productivity and happiness in employees. So, how are some affordable ways to completely transform your London office?

Money-Saving Idea #1: Going Open

Walls impede the ability to communicate openly and effectively in any business, and knocking down walls is a lot cheaper than completely redesigning the layout. The impact of an open space is remarkable on employee morale and teamwork, and the stress on cooperation and communication is pivotal for innovation. In addition, removing walls enables significantly more natural light, which is not only cheaper than attempting to fluorescently illuminate the entire building. It has also been proven to increase productivity and emotional satisfaction. The use of energy-efficient bulbs in the remaining light fixtures can also make a huge cost difference, substantially decreasing the overall electricity use.


Money-Saving Idea #2: Storage Space

While your current location may feel cramped and inopportune, odds are the entire fiasco could be resolved by additional storage space and maximized furniture design. Office refurbishment can be geared towards making the most of the space that you have, which enables you to save money on expansion costs and create a more effective environment for employees. By de-cluttering the space and rearranging furniture into a more cohesive layout, your business can save money and encourage teambuilding, both of which are imperative to success. Storing unnecessary or superfluous items can improve the entire atmosphere of the office.

Money-Saving Idea #3: Recycle Efficiently

Instead of investing in entirely new pieces of furniture to make your refurbishment impressive, reuse existing workstations and alter some of their characteristics. This entirely eco-friendly procedure costs less than replacement, and it has the same decisive impact on office productivity that the average renovation would have. By dismantling the furniture, replacing simple features like the tops of desks or the fabric of the chairs, and rearranging the stations themselves, the entire office can feel like a new place upon completion. This cost-efficient strategy is perfect for office refurbishment in London, where buying new furniture can be a fortune.

Money-Saving Idea #4: Make Small Adjustments

A refurbished office can appear drastically different without changing too many aspects. You do not have to panic over ridding the office of its outdated flooring and renovating the light fixtures in order to make significant improvements. By simply finding a local artist to paint a mural or repainting characteristic furniture pieces, you will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the office space.

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