A Gallon of Goodness

Published On November 24, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Business

Human life runs on fluids, and so do cars, machines and everything else we see, even kangaroos. It was an obvious need in older times to carry at least a gallon of rehydrating agents when leaving for journeys, short or long. The modern man has a life more complex, and now we need a finer container to carry our precious liquids more than ever. Moreover, any container won’t do. It has to be something finely crafted in every aspect because life runs on fluids, right? With the incessant technological advancements, we have higher and higher hopes for our containers. Containers now are not something used for transporting a fluid from point A to B. Now, we want them to be strong, sturdy, leak proof, weather proof, easy to handle, non-volatile material and hence, safe to carry anything that one might need. Now, there are containers which can be used by a scientist, a janitor, and everyone else.

A gallon jug-for your oceanic needs

After a lot of research and hard work of engineers, the 1 Gallon natural HDPE (high density polyethylene) round jug was designed. Fabricated with HDPE, this is a versatile jug for handling dangerous chemicals used by industries and scientists, or by janitors wanting a handy container for their cleaning solutions or for daily chores involving storing petrol and other such liquids of domestic importance. This 1 gallon container has a round body with a cylindrical base which makes it very convenient for it to be stored easily almost anywhere and to be handled effortlessly with no sharp edges to injure the operator. In addition to its intelligent base design, it has a standard 38-400 neck finish with an included handle which makes it easy to pour things out of it. This also makes it much easier to hold, handle and carry with bare hands.

When things are stored in measure of a gallon, they are generally used frequently and hence, the design with the handle makes it a suitable choice for such repetitive tasks. The size of the container is also an interesting aspect to consider as in most cases, a gallon of liquid is just the required amount; not too much, not too less, and that’s exactly what it provides, a perfect gallon!

A perfect gallon

Kaufman Container has tremendous stocks of wide variety pf plastic gallon jugs and industrial round containers. This gallon jug is packed and delivered in bulk, but we have 4 packs available as well. One can get it custom-decorated according to their needs and taste. Decoration primarily includes of branding that some customers want if they want to sell their own products in our containers. In such cases they can specify what their needs are, and we design, create and deliver the 1 gallon container suited to their needs. These are business ready containers. The suppliers can fill their products, seal the container and their product is good to go in the market. Since the container can hold various types of liquids used in different types of businesses, the design templates are available in a wide range.

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